Chromebook Loans

If a student needs to borrow a Chromebook overnight from OVMS, this involves parental and financial responsibility.  Parents and students should complete the form below prior to the loan. 
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Chromebook Permission Form

Name ___________________________________ Date _____________ Grade_________

Care and Responsibility Form
Chromebook Check-Outs
Oak Valley Middle School

This form is to help students understand the responsibilities that they have for the care of the Chromebook that is being checked-out.  Loss or damage to the Chromebook will result in full financial responsibility to the parent/guardian.  This form must be completed prior to checking out a Chromebook.

Huron Valley School District’s Responsibilities
·         Provide a Chromebook for students to check out (based on availability)
·         Provide the students with internet access while at school
·         Provide internet filters of inappropriate materials on the HVS guest network, while at school
·         Notify the parent/guardian if any inappropriate digital content is found on the Chromebook after their student checked it out
·         Provide guidance to aid the student in the use of the device and help assure the student complies with the District’s acceptable use policy
·         Provide the student with a district email and Google Account

Parent/Guardian’s Responsibilities
·         Supervise the student’s use of the Chromebook at home
·         Discuss family values and expectations regarding the use of the internet and email at home
·         Report to the school any problems with the Chromebook (
·         Ensure the student brings the Chromebook back to school by the due date so that other students have an opportunity to check it out
·         Discuss the importance of taking care of the Chromebook, knowing that if it is damaged or stolen, the parent/guardian is responsible for paying the replacement cost
Student’s Responsibilities
                       Treat the Chromebook with great care.  The following items are NOT ALLOWED:
o   Dropping the Chromebook
o   Getting the Chromebook wet
o   Leaving the Chromebook outside or in extreme weather conditions
o   Using the Chromebook when food or drink is nearby
o   Defacing the Chromebook in any manner
o   Walking around with the Chromebook open
o   Placing heavy objects on top of the Chromebook

Secure the Chromebook at all times; if lost or stolen (even on school grounds) the parent/guardian is responsible for paying the replacement costs
Do not allow anyone else to borrow the Chromebook while it is checked out to you.  Loss or damage occurred by someone else will be the student’s full responsibility
Use the Chromebook in an ethical manner, following the HVS Technology Acceptable User Policy (AUP), Board Policy 6175
Back up all personal data using Google Drive
Turn in the Chromebook by the due date.  Parents will be notified, and participation in this program may be impacted, if a student does not turn in the Chromebook on time.

Follow the guidelines below:
o   Follow guidelines set out by parent/guardian
o   Use the Chromebook for educational purposes only
o   Do not participate in cyber-bullying or online harassment
o   Do not load/remove applications onto the Chromebook
o   Do not provide personal information to others online when using the Chromebook
o   Keep all usernames and passwords private

Above all, use common sense when utilizing the Chromebook and be careful with it.  While the Chromebook is a useful learning tool, it is expensive, so care must be executed when using it.  The District retains ownership of the Chromebook and can cancel the program at any time.  Student must actively use the Chromebook both on and off campus. Failure to use or the misuse of the Chromebook may result in a loss of privileges.

I understand the guidelines established and agree that if loss or damage occurs while the Chromebook is checked out to me, I may be held responsible for the full replacement costs.

Student’s Printed Name ______________________________________ 

Student Signature ___________________________________________ 
Date __________

Parent Signature ___________________________________________ 
Date ___________

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